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    Anhui Sunrise Stationery I&E Co.,LTD.we are overcritical high quality,and devote ourself to the field of Importing-Exporting students' products and manufacturing services. At the end of the 123rd Canton fair,relying on our professional knowledge and high quality with good service, we keep have our own luggage booth at 10.3E44-46 so many years.

    The Sunrise Enterprise pursuit of excellence and demanding perfection, because of experience accumulation of many years, we have our own powerful advantages. During the exhibition,relying on the high quality and reasonable price, we have reached the peak of negotiation,which including some famous foreign brands come to discuss with us. Also because of the dazzling product design and the sincere service, we has won the praise of many customers.

    During the Canton fair, we are successful, because of the brand positioning, Because of the pursuit of service.