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  • New Indicators For The Mid Year Conference


            On July 30th, 2018, our company held a mid-year meeting, which mainly aimed at our work process in the passed half year and our work arrangements in the next half .
            Looking back on the first half of the year: we found that compared with the first half of 2017 by the big data comparison, both import and export value of our company increased by 20%, and the overall situation was steadily rising.
           According to the instructions issued by the Central economic Work Conference in 2018. Our company pay more attention to improving product quality and service while increascing transaction value.
          The main work in the second half of the year: our company began to layout overseas as early as 2015, and built the local brand of overseas people overseas. In recent years, our products have enjoyed good reputation among local people, ranking third in sales. At the beginning of this year, we reached a preliminary consensus with the local government departments concerned to provide designated products for local primary and secondary schools. At the designated address, we can enjoy a variety of preferential subsidies. The head of our overseas marketing department will go to the local authorities for further consultations in August.