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  • Xiamen 3-day tour is ended in a satisfactory way


    In order to enhance the team awareness of the company's staff, embody the humanized management system, and let staff relax after work, Anhui Sunrise Stationery Import & Export Co., Ltd. organized a group trip.
    At 8 o'clock on the morning of August 12th, all the staff  took a flight to the beautiful Xiamen. They went to Zengcuoan, Gulangyu, Xiamen University and other attractions, tasted Xiamen's special food and snacks, and watched the beautiful scenery of Gulangyu. All the staff played at the beach and enjoyed the relaxed moment.
    The cost of the tour was  borne by the company, which made  the staff  feel full of happiness, relax the mood and cultivate the sentiment during the play, thus enhancing the cohesiveness of the staff and demonstrating the team spirit of the company. More enthusiasm can be invested in future work.