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  • Happy National Day


         National Day is coming on October 1st, this is the birthday of our motherland.

         In order to welcome this grand day, our company has decided to organize and lead anhui excellent foreign trade enterprises to express our love and integrity for our motherland together. We will meet together in the morning on the largest square named xinhai square to sing the national anthem powerfully in hefei, capital of anhui province on October 1st, after the national anthem each enterprise will lead their staffs to clean every street in our city, we can put green plants and flowers on the side of every road and square, and let them make up four words“Happy National Day”. In the afternoon we can go to visit the elderly and children in nursing homes and orphanages, meanwhile, our boss has prepared new clothes and fancy gifts to them, all of us can celebrate the birthday of our motherland,
          We are deeply in love with our motherland, our motherland give us all happiness, we are willing to devote ourselves to love our motherland.